Ktima Lemonies


Ktima Lemonies offers yoga/meditation retreats (6 to 8 people). We also propose programs inspired by a wider theme, with a variety of nature activities. The person in charge has a French diploma in Somatic-psycho education (Danis Bois method) and in Fascial Fitness as well and offers private sessions upon request. Massage sessions are offered, upon request, throughout the season.

An old pathway leads to the village of Lamyra with its beautiful houses, marble fountains and white chapels. Hiking trails, "Andros Routes", certified by the European union, give you the opportunity to discover the hidden beauties of the island. However a car is absolutely necessary for you to fully enjoy your stay.

Every summer, cultural events such as world-class exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances are on the agenda in the town of Hora, hosted by museums, galleries and an open air theater. It will be our pleasure to guide you in discovering the island, to help you organize your days and to suggest places to see, swim, and eat, creating unforgettable memories.

All photos courtesy of "Andros Routes"