Ktima Lemonies

the estate

Andros' unique landscape and natural environment with its elegant austerity, its wonderful hikes, trails and strolls across heathery aromatic hillsides, through ravines bubbling with waters, leading to beautiful beaches are only some of the reasons which made us fall in love with the island.

Early in the year 2000, we acquired and restored an old, abandoned farmhouse with few stables and a pigsty, in the beautiful village of Lamyra, on the northwestern side of the island and 2 kilometers away from the capital Hora. The stables were converted into charming lodgings, restored with special care using local materials and traditional building techniques. The old farmhouse was renovated, rapped with local schist stone.

We planted more fruit trees, olive trees, cypresses and many many flowers. We are now self-sufficient in seasonal vegetables and olive oil, all grown and produced following traditional agricultural methods, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. From our 1.500m2 little vineyard we collect every year more than 500 kilos of Muscat grapes for vinification. Springs water our land.

Ktima Lemonies, Lemonies estate, owes its name to its fifty or so lemon trees ("lemonies" in Greek), a traditional source of wealth of the island.

Wishing to share with you our little earthly paradise, we decided to create a small guesthouse, a little gem hidden in an oasis of lush vegetation, spring waters and blooming fragrant gardens. It would be a pleasure to welcome you!