Ktima Lemonies

breakfast area

Enjoy a savory breakfast under the shade of lemon, orange and bergamot trees in an enchanting atmosphere filled with colours and gastronomic pleasures.

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A good day starts with a good breakfast!
Freshly squeezed juices and fresh fruit from the garden, home made jams with organic brown sugar, freshly baked bread, organic eggs, local cheese, musli with nuts and seeds, yogurt, fruit preserves, honey from our hives, pies, cakes, croissants and pastries are some of the every morning treats!

For a light lunch, on a quiet beach, you may prepare your own picnic basket with goodies from the breakfast buffet as well as fruits and vegetables we will only be too happy to provide.

In the evening before a night out, let us offer you a glass of our own wine, a limoncello or lemon sorbet, under the trees of the main courtyard.